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COVID self-montioring check-in

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For COVID-related questions, please e-mail

What does this site do?

This web site is designed to allow all Greensboro College community members to self-report COVID-related symtoms on a daily basis. The site includes "behind the scenes" automation to make the data distribution less labor-intensive and immediate.

Where do my responses go?

Each response is stored in a database to automate daily reporting and data security. If someone answers YES to a question, an e-mail is sent to their supervisor, HR, and Health Services. The person reporting also receives immediate feedback explaining what action to take.

Why can't I access some pages?

Access to your reponses is strictly limited. Only supervisors can request a list of their reports who have answered YES to a question, and each supervisor can only get a report about their direct reports. Access to summary reports is limited to HR, Student Health, and Residence Life management.

General COVID status information

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Supervisor reports

Supervisors click here to get reports.

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